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Working toward a better future

Read the full Genesys 2021 Sustainability Report and learn how our products and our commitment to sustainability contributes to a better future for our planet.

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At a Glance


  • Orchestrated billions of remarkable customer experiences
  • 7,000+ customers in 100+ countries
  • Over $1.9 billion in revenue in FY 2022, representing 18% growth year-over-year


  • 600,000+ customer service agents use our cloud platforms
  • 99.996% uptime for Genesys Cloud CX
  • 100% uptime for Genesys Multicloud CX
  • 1,810 issued and pending patents


  • A Leader in The Forrester Wave™: Workforce Optimization Platforms, Q4 2021
  • Finalist for CRN’s Tech Innovator Awards
  • Silver Medal Ecovadis Rating
  • Great Place to Work certification


  • 6,000+ employees
  • 28% women
  • 22% underrepresented groups


  • 22% greenhouse gas reduction
  • 244,000+ lives positively impacted

Guided by our values

We call ourselves “One Genesys” and it’s the foundation of our culture. One Genesys guides how we communicate, interact with others and define a high-performing team. Learn more about what it’s like to work at Genesys.

Embrace empathy


We demonstrate empathy by cultivating an environment of openness, caring and belonging where we push each other to improve.

Go big


We collaborate to achieve shared goals by operating with agility as a cohesive team — One Genesys.

Fly in formation


We strive as a team to raise the bar on our performance and focus on creating a positive impact in our ecosystem.

Climate change, inequity and inequality in all forms are front-burner issues for Genesys, as we take a leading role in addressing them through our business practices.

— Tony Bates, Chairman and CEO, Genesys

Sustainability is a purpose-driven mission at large. We are committed to embedding it into everything that we do to bring about the change we want to see.

— Bridgette McAdoo, Global Sustainability Officer, Genesys

Sustainability pillars and our progress

Our sustainability strategy comprises three pillars, and we’ve set ambitious targets and goals within each pillar. We monitor key metrics to ensure we stay on track.



Minimize our impact on the planet

Our 2030 goal:
Become carbon neutral

Progress through FY 2022:
22% reduction in greenhouse gas emissions compared to FY21



Improve people’s lives

Our 2030 goal:
Have a workforce as diverse as the markets where we work

Positively Impact 1 million lives

Progress through FY 2022:
22% of US employees from underrepresented groups (up from 20% in FY 2021)

28% of leadership roles held by women (up from 25% in FY 2021)

Over 244,000 lives positively impacted



Ethical, profitable and resilient practices

Our 2030 goal:
Maximize availability and compliance

Progress through FY 2022:
99% availability

Genesys annual emissions

Goal: carbon neutral by 2030

Read our greenhouse gas emissions verification statement from our third-party auditor, Apex.

Our Genesys goal

Positively impact 1 million lives by 2030

Genesys is passionate about reaching our goal to positively impact 1,000,000 lives by 2030, and we know our employees share this passion. Two ways we work toward this goal are by giving back to communities through the causes that our employees care about most and using technology for good.

This data has a 2020 baseline and was last updated on January 31, 2022, for FY22.

  • 244,058Lives positively impacted through FY 2022
  • 755,942Remaining goal
Community Engagement

Volunteering and giving in the communities where we are located, while also strengthening our corporate culture. ​

Reskilling & Awareness

Leveraging our workforce skillset to train underserved communities, opening up future opportunities in STEM, and upskilling our own employee population.


Providing critical support to the communities where our employees, customers, and partners reside during times of disaster or crisis.​

Product for Good

Embedding sustainability into the technology and services we provide, that serve societal needs and benefit the environment.​

Genesys Sustainability Ambassadors

Genesys Sustainability Ambassadors have taken initial steps to integrate sustainable practices into their behaviors — and they actively engage fellow employees to do the same. Here are a few examples of our Sustainability Ambassador community in action:

I’m taking action for future generations by buying into the ‘make do and mend’ movement. Small actions to reduce waste will help better our planet for years to come.

— Tara Dalrymple, HR Operations Manager and Employee Engagement, EMEA

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I’m committed to buying local in season as well as buying clothing from brands who have sustainable practices — our source plays a role in shaping our world.

— Petra Muller, Channel Account Manager, APAC

I volunteer with local chapters of conservation nonprofits for beach cleanups and with my local food banks sorting food and stocking shelves, bringing community to the forefront.

— Andrew Landry, HR Operations Manager and Employee Engagement, NA

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Alignment with the United Nations
Sustainable Development Goals

The United Nations created the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) as a blueprint for promoting prosperity and protecting the planet. Its 17 goals and 169 corresponding targets complement five of our sustainability goals and priorities.

Box gender equality
Box economic
Box inequality
Box comms
Box climate

See our SDG Index in our full report to learn more about how our contributions align with this framework.

Ethics and artificial intelligence: Putting principles into practice

We’ve built responsibility into our artificial intelligence (AI) technology to minimize unintended bias in the algorithms and underlying data. We also identify and promote AI best practices.

We’ve held a series of internal roundtable discussions with those who create our AI models — data scientists, engineers and researchers — as well as our marketing, product management and legal departments. The result is an AI and Ethics Roundtable and the Genesys AI Ethics Guidelines. We’ll expand on the guidelines as AI evolves, and plan to engage in industry dialogue about how companies can and should use AI.

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Using our products for good   image

Using our products for good

One way we have a positive impact on society is through helping people in acute crises get the help they need, when they need it. That includes the National Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Children (NSPCC), the UK’s leading children’s charity. NSPCC relies on 1,300 part-time volunteers across 12 service centers, who come online at different times of the week. Its legacy infrastructure made it difficult to manage these short-shift work patterns, offer the digital channels children preferred, integrate case management and other back-office systems, and answer every call as volume increased.

Today, a Genesys™ contact center seamlessly blends calls, email and web chat. It also integrates with Zoom recording and a Microsoft Dynamics CRM system, and ensures the right people are in the right place at the right time to help.

Our commitment to equity diversity and inclusion

Be my eyes

Be My Eyes Partnership opens up new possibilities

In 2021, Genesys launched a new partnership with Be My Eyes, a free mobile application that enables the sight-abled to support low vision and vision-impaired individuals to overcome access barriers. Through integration with the Genesys platform, the Be My Eyes application enables vision-impaired individuals to connect with sighted contact center agents via video call. The agents provide visual assistance, communicating what they see to provide guidance and customer service to the user. By helping visually impaired customers navigate the world, brands get invaluable insight into their customer experience and can apply that knowledge to make their products more accessible. And customers who use Be My Eyes gain a more empathetic and successful shopping experience.

For my first call as a Be My Eyes Volunteer, I guided a gentleman to the “Start” button on the washer/dryer. He was pressing it but the dryer wouldn’t start. And then I saw the wording below the Start button which said, “Press and Hold.” I felt the relief in his voice when the dryer started. That simple task was so appreciated!

— Pushpa Ramachandran, Senior Director, Sales Operations